02 June 2010

Maybe There's Hope For WWE

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For the past couple of years, I have griped, complained, cursed at the top of my lungs, and almost said "fuck WWE forever", but this past Monday, I was surprised. I actually liked Monday Night Raw.

I admit I have been very quick to point out all the things that suck ass about WWE, and just when I had lost all hope, World Wrestling Entertainment actually decided to do what fans have been asking for for so long... they actually showcased younger talent! I mean TALENT as in, people who can entertain and therefore should be on television - NOT "talent", as in, this guy gives hand jobs to Triple H and Randy Orton, let's cram this bastard down everyone's throat. I have to give credit when it's due. It was great to see new, young and hungry talent take the stage. The Uso Twins with Tamina working a program with The Hart Dynasty? Off the charts. Evan Bourne in the main event pinning Shamus? About fucking time. R Truth retaining his US Title against Chris Jericho, CLEANLY? YES! Superstars, take note: Jericho is a perfect example of what a wrestler should be. Athletic, entertaining, and not afraid to give another guy the rub. Maybe all these much needed, fresh changes are happening because assholes that look out for themselves and keep other talent down are out of action right now. It felt so good to sit down and watch a Raw WITHOUT Triple H! It was beautiful not to have to see too much Randy Orton. With these dicks out of the way momentarily, the new faces have a chance to shine. I hope the newer talent takes the ball and runs like hell with it.

A nice mix of the new talent along with some familiar faces made Raw worth watching. I like that Bret Hart is used in a General Manager role. On a side note, I like the Vickie Guerrero "cougar" gimmick on Smack Down as well. Utilizing Michael Cole as a heel announcer to build a bad ass in Daniel Bryan is sweet as hell. Something happened... something must have changed behind the scenes. Raw was unwatchable for so long, but this was a totally different style product. The only thing Raw is missing is Jim Ross. Or is it? Maybe the Boomer Sooner is the guy making the changes behind the scenes? Whoever it is that put Monday's Raw together, props to you. Keep it up. ( I would still love to hear Ross calling the action, though.)

Now for my complaints. You knew I had to have some. If I'm in a good mood for too long people tend to worry. I say get rid of the guest host gimmick. It drags the show down, shoots the pacing all to hell, and is never funny or amusing in the least. Watching a segment with a guest host is just like seeing a segment with Lay Cool trying their damnedest to be TNA's Beautiful People... when these two things happen, it's time for a piss break. And why is it that WWE has guys that were once pushed as HUGE monsters, but when creative can't think of a way to use them, they just become "comic relief"? Koslov and Khali should not be tap-dancing and practicing Vulcan Death Grips or whatever the hell Santino does. I liked the roughness shown by William Regal after Santino's attempt at humor this past Monday. It brought a little realism to an otherwise lame showing. 

For the most part, the sad comic bullshit and guest host garbage, though still painful to observe, were kept to a minimum. New talent stood tall in the spotlight. This is a very good sign, and gives me hope that WWE does still care about the fans, and not just backstage politics. Let's hope it stays this way. I'm finally excited to see what happens, instead of preparing myself to once again be disappointed. But, then again, Triple H could come back, or one of the Uso boys could piss off Randy Orton, and it will all turn to shit again. I will make this promise, if WWE does turn to shit again, I will turn the channel, and never look back. Like Domino's with their "new" pizza recipe, this is the last chance I'm giving you to keep me coming back. So far, I'm impressed.

I'm Rex Delaney, and Domino's still gives me the shits.


  1. In agreement with Mark. Post more WWE reviews.