07 October 2012

Top Ten Halloween Time Movies

 Its That time of year again, when the kiddos dress up and knock on the doors of total strangers and ask them for candy; The time of the year when women get a free pass to dress as slutty as they'd like in the brisk late October weather. That's right people I'm talking about Halloween. But for some people Halloween is much like other holidays. Sitting down in front of the TV watching some of the best seasonal movies of the past and present. Here at GYHE Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and I have compiled a list of MY holiday favorites to share:
 1: Hocus Pocus

 One of my all time favorite halloween movies as a kid. Much like other movies of the early 90's and late 80's it has a little adult humor mixed in for us old people as well

2: Earnest Scared Stupid
Earnest was known for making good family oriented movies and is a classic when it comes it Halloween family movies.

3: The Frighteners

In my opinion this was one of Michel J. Fox's better movies. Although its not completely family oriented, its only mildly gory as I remember it. probably a good holiday family movie if you have young teens.

4:Evil Dead(Series)

There is no word for this trilogy other than Classic. This series is not for the little ones but is an incredibly cheesy comedic horror. If you haven't seen it its well worth renting this Halloween.

5: Gremlins

its Gremlins...

6:Nightmare on Elm Street(series)

I guess I have to work this in here somehow. Some of these movies were good and some not so much. However, it is always a good time to rent a few and do a movie night around Halloween. I honestly couldn't leave them out of the mix but horror movies that involve a bunch of teens having sex then getting slaughtered as the premise are not very creative which is why I am leaving out anything "Friday the 13th" in this article.

7: Beetlejuice

This one is a classic Halloween movie and will almost surely be on T.V. in the next few weeks. I think everyone has seen this however if you haven't then... well... watch it .

8: Casper

Great family movie and well done for what it is. I watched this until the VHS broke as a kid. the 5.8 it got on IMDb is unjust.


When saw first came out a friend of mine and I would go every Halloween to the first showing of the latest Saw movie. I actually wanted to put this higher on the list but because of the later movies in the series it became a little redundant. I actually HIGHLY recommend these movies. They are creative for horror movies and VERY gory. The first few are really good but keep in mind they get a little repetitive as the series goes on.

10: Poltergeist: 

Released in 1982 the special effects are a little corny but seeing this as a kid scared the crap out of me but is probably OK as a family movie. Even now you probably wont see this on TV during Halloween due to it still being a family favorite.

There is still alot of movies I wish I could have put in this top ten, and the order of things is debatable (I am aware). These are my top ten for tonight and all of them make for a good night with a bowl of popcorn.



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