25 November 2012

Fat Sack Of Crap Award: Katt Williams

Well, you can add Katt Williams to your list of "celebrities" who enjoy a good public meltdown. Just two days after being released on charges of battery for allegedly hitting 18 year old Delvahn Moselly-Davis in the head with a bottle, Katt Williams became King of the Angry Douches on stage at an Oakland concert. The concert reportedly started half an hour late, and lasted about ten minutes before Katt began a curse-filled rant directed at audience members. The onstage entourage blamed Williams' verbal explosion on "bad Oakland drugs". Oh, well... then of course he should be pardoned. What a winner. Actually, the fans didn't seem to laugh it off. One man in attendance at the show, Brian Herline, has filed a class action lawsuit over the ordeal. But what's another lawsuit? Williams has already been hit with a $5 million lawsuit for allegedly attacking his female personal assistant, Mellisa Ishage, and causing her "permanent damage".

So we have to ask, Katt... what the hell is your deal? Is it drugs? Is it rage brought on by an obscenely below-average-sized penis? Or is it a flaming case of LMS (Little Man Syndrome)? Whatever it is, someone needs to knock the shit out of that scrawny, toothpick-lookin' ass of yours. But for now, we will just embrace your sad little quirks and present you with a plastic trophy that looks just as cheap as one of your boy's department pimp suits as we declare you a FAT SACK OF CRAP!


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