05 August 2013

Scariest Movies Lindsay Whorehan Has Been In

Lindsay (Whorehan) Lohan

By Mr. Blood

Where to begin with this one. Let me start by saying this, I have seen many many horror movies in my day but there are some that are just way scarier than others. And it takes a whole hell of a lot to scare good old Mr. Blood here. Ms. Whorhan here has been in almost all of the scariest things that Mr. Blood has ever seen. I mean just look at her. She is a scary bitch. And don't get me started on the other face that she has "down there". That thing looks like the faces that were coming out of Freddy's body in Nightmare On Elm Street 3. Make me shutter and almost vomit at the same time. This is one bitch that even Mr. Blood wouldn't want to torture. It would be more like torturing myself. Although I wouldn't torture her I'd still slit that slut throat of hers and watch in excitement as all that lovely blood came pouring out. MMMMMMM. Sound so lovely doesn't it. I know what you are thinking, "Mr. Blood watched Lindsay Whorehan movies?" Well shut the fuck up they were slow horror movie months and Mr. Blood was looking for some new victims. Anyway, to the matter at hand: my top 5 scariest Lindsay Whorehan movies. 
  1. Herbie Fully Loaded
  2. The Parent Trap
  3. Freaky Friday
  4. Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
  5. Life-Size
Fuck Off For Now And Hope To Hell I Don't Come Find YOU!!


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