18 June 2014

Washington Redskins? Offensive?

One of the beautiful things about Facebook, is that it has unlimited potential to provide me with a seemingly unlimited supply of arrogant, ignorant, red-neckkery, bigot, trailer trash to pick on. For those of you who don’t already know I am a huge supporter of human rights, not only in a legal sense, but in a moral sense as well. I often think that, as a society, we often lose perspective, or rather, sometimes we don’t have any at all.
So I’m here today to report and weigh in on a subject that I feel like addressing, and put things back into focus here.

According to Fox News, the U.S. Patent Office ruled today that the Washington Redskins Name is “Disparaging of Native Americans” in a 2-1 ruling.  According to Fox news, the team will be able to keep its trademark during the appeal process…. There are the basics. Now I know when things like this go down a lot of “crybabies” come out of the wood work from both sides of this argument which brings me to my personal stance.

Personally I don’t care about the verdict. I have no “real” invested interest in either the team or sport for that matter, as I said, for me it’s about calling out the idiots. I am not offended by the term Redskins; I have no reason to be. I can however see how someone else might, so I would stand on the side of the people who claim it offensive. If they say it is….why would they lie? All in all it doesn't seem like all that big of an issue to change the name of the team. Sure, there are trademark technicalities and perhaps a lot of money will be lost in this, but in this day and age society is changing. It is socially unacceptable to use names that are derogatory or even possibly derogatory. I will admit our country, in general, has become a bunch of thin skinned crybabies. Every day in the news I read about some idiot who is offended by something that has no relevancy to anything and has to cry to the local news about it. However, this is a bit bigger than that.

As roll through my Facebook today I see a nice young man kindly telling all Native Americans who are offended by this to “GO FUCK THEMSELVES”. I couldn't resist. Here I go: Perhaps the Washington Spear Chuckers would be a better solution? Washington WetBacks has a nice ring to it? No?  Washington Rednecks? How about the darkies as suggested in the post (you see my point). For someone with no experience with being discriminated against to go online and candidly tell an entire race to go fuck themselves is bold. So bold in fact, that I though he deserved a topic of conversation on our website. I’m open to other opinions but if you’re going to have one show a little respect for those who have an opinion that you can’t relate too.



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