17 January 2010

Mr. Blood Introduction

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Feel the blood run cold through your veins, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a chill runs down your spine. Yes.. That is right I am here! MR. BLOOD has arrived. I am going to fulfill your every sick twisted bloody desire. No more sneaking, watching, stalking in the dark. I am going to bring your most horror filled nightmares to life. I will bring you all the horror filled news that most people would not have the balls to read. If you can’t handle that then go crawl under your covers and pray it to go away. It won’t do you any good but we won’t stop you from trying. You will find the latest most horror filled reviews of movies new and old, comic books, and video games. Right here. If you think you're brave enough to handle it, email me your questions or comments. Be warned you may not like what you find. Only the soulless may enter here.



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