24 February 2010

We're Updating The Site

We have decided to "upgrade" the site in terms of look and organization. These changes come on the heels of a record number of hits in the past week. We just want to make the site more user-friendly for all of our fellow GYHE Freakz all over the world. (Of course, the word Freakz is used as a term of endearment. It's our way of saying we're all in this together, and you're one of us. One of us! One of us...!)

Your suggestions have always been important to us. Now that we are beginning to grow more and more, we could use your feedback on what you want to see on the updated website, and the things you like and dislike about the current site. More news? Celebrity gossip? Videos? Music? You can either post your ideas as a comment on this article, or e-mail your suggestions to Administrator@gimmeyourhand.com.

Keep in mind, we don't censor people around here. So, whatever the future holds, expect Gimme Your Hand Entertainment to bring you raw, entertaining content with a modern attitude without saying we're sorry. What we do want to say, is thank you. Thank you to all of our visitors, or "Freakz" from The Philippines to Lebanon, Chile to Singapore, The United Kingdom, France, Germany and Ireland, to Puerto Rico, Spain, Australia, France, Canada, The United States and everywhere else around the world. You are all welcome here, and you are always free to speak your mind without fear of judgment. (Unless you're talking to Donnie Kendall. That guy is a boob.)

So, pardon our dust. Changes should be complete within a couple of weeks.

Again, all of us at Gimme Your Hand Entertainment would like to say a very sincere, THANK YOU!



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