04 October 2010

Gimme Your Hand Goes Nude? UPDATE!

Although GimmeYourHand.com is an uncensored website, we have decided to leave an important question to be answered by you, the visitors: Wanna see some boobs?

Just to be clear, "censorship" has, and will always be at the discretion of an article's author. Kylee Wylde always keeps it clean and family friendly, Rex Delaney and Mr. Blood use language and themes that would have possibly made Richard Pryor blush, and Donnie Kendall is somewhere in the middle. As of yet, none of our contributors have posted any photos of full frontal nudity. And before we cram our flesh down your throats, so to speak, we would like some feedback.

Note that if you vote for nudity, it will be both male AND female nudity, it will not be nudity for the sake of nudity (there will be a point to a naked pic being shown), and it will not be pornographic, i.e. penetration, using adult toys, sucking off a donkey, etc.

Cast your vote to the right of your screen today, and help us better understand what our visitors want to see when you stop by. Feel free to leave comments below to better explain why you are for or against baring the body. Thanks, and come back again soon!

(The poll is open until Monday, October 11, 2010 at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.)

The poll is closed, and the visitors have spoken. When asked if GimmeYourHand.com should feature articles with full-frontal nudity, 9% of you said NO, 11% said YES, and an overwhelming 79% said they would be fine with nudity on this site, as long as there was a warning, and you would have to click to see the unedited photo.

So, in the future, if the contributors (or Freakz as we are lovingly referred to) decide to use a photo that contains nudity to better help get a story told, we will follow these guidelines.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Your feedback helps in the development of GimmeYourHand.com. If you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below, or send them to Administrator@gimmeyourhand.com.



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