01 April 2011

GimmeYourHand.com Owner Arrested, Sent To Rehab

Donnie Kendall, the founder of Gimme Your Hand Entertainment and author of the popular question and answer blog, 'Straight Shootin' With Donnie Kendall', was arrested Thursday night outside a well known gay bar in his hometown of San Francisco, California. Police were called to the vicinity of 1347 Folsom Street by numerous onlookers reporting a "crazy naked man wearing only one boot" asking passers-by for a milk shake.

One witness at the scene told us, "He was very kind but you could tell he was out of it. He said he was lost, and said something about licking the cheese from between my crackers."

"I was worried about him when I came for a visit last weekend," states Donnie's coworker, Kylee Wylde. Kylee says when she entered Donnie's home on Saturday, March 26, 2011, she was shocked to see Donnie had shaved his head bald and was eating gallons of ice cream and other dairy products. "He's lactose intolerant, but he was clutching the carton (of ice cream) to his chest and rocking back and forth. He also had a black eye and had dried blood all over his nose and mouth. He said he got into a fight and I told him he looked awful. He just replied, "Yeah, well you should see her. No six year old is gonna take cuts in front of Donnie at Space Mountain". I told him to stay off the stuff. I told him."

Miss Wylde says she stayed with Donnie until returning to her home on Wednesday, March 30. The very next night, Donnie was being hauled off by San Francisco police. Our source tells us Donnie has been checked into rehab at an undisclosed location. This is unquestionably an embarrassing moment for us, and a black eye for our company. We would like to take the time to apologize for Donnie's actions, and we promise to get him the help he desperately needs. As of this post, Donnie's other boot has not been recovered.


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