06 January 2010

Virtual Donnie: Episode I

VIRTUAL DONNIE episode number one. It all begins here.

Have you ever wanted the power of Donnie Kendall's infuriating insults in the palm of your hand? Well, thanks to modern-day technology you can have just that! Introducing VIRTUAL DONNIE! Yes, VIRTUAL DONNIE is just as cocky, rude, flamboyant and smart-assed as his real-life counterpart, and almost as creepy! Be sure to share VIRTUAL DONNIE with your teachers, siblings, family, friends, that dick who started rumors about you on your favorite social network, and that old bitty in line in front of you at Walmart trying to sneak 21 items through the 20 items or less line and insists on paying with coupons and unrolled change! *Exhale* Kick the world in the proverbial NUTS one sack at a time with VIRTUAL DONNIE!

Disclaimer: Gimme Your Hand Entertainment, GimmeYourHand.com, Donnie Kendall, and all other staff members herein are exempt from any liability in the event you get your ass handed to you by some big, jacked-up chump or ladies' power lifter on the rag who does not find the virtual insults amusing. We will just laugh, and call you a pussy. Hey, it's what we do.


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