13 March 2010

Mr. Blood Starring In Saw Movie?

Something you should know about Mr. Blood and the Saw Franchise

So here is a little back story for you ladies and gentlemen. I, Mr. Blood was originally up for that part of Jigsaw. I went in to the audition and I read the lines perfectly. I could smell the tasted of sweet success. But then again that could have been the taste of left over blood on my lips. But when I looked up to get my approval I was quite shocked to find that everyone in the room had left. Not only in the room but the entire building. I should have expected as much. Since everyone knows that Hollywood tries to hold all the true talent back. So I left the building and went back to my secret abode. I was given a call a few days later from the movie studio. I was told that I, Mr. Blood was too evil to play the part. Fucking Hollywood hacks don't know what they passed up. Now even though I was turned down for the part I still LOVE this movie franchise. Although I have thought of going back and killing those worthless hacks time and time again. The thought of chopping their bodies into nice little pieces and seeing all that precious, sweet blood running everywhere. MMMMMMMMMMMM. That thought just makes my cold, black heart flutter a tiny bit. Now while the thought was very exciting, I have since decided that they aren't worth my precious time. I would rather spend it watching the hottie next door squirm for the next few days while I torture her. Well, I guess I better get out of this chair so I can get back to my real work.

Fuck Off For Now And, Hope I Don't Come To Find You.


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