28 March 2010

Gimme Your Hand Is Givin' It To Your Face


Gimme Your Hand Entertainment is working on some new features that are sure to tickle your collective fancies. One such feature is now up and running, and it will continue to be updated with more content as we go. It's MOMENT OF FAIL, and you can find a tab for it at the top of the website. While your at it, check out the other tabs like STRAIGHT SHOOTIN' WITH DONNIE and The GYHE Original web series, PSYCHO BREAK.

We are also working on a GIMME YOUR HAND GAME ROOM, where you can waste countless hours playing games online, read up on game info, and maybe even get old school reviews in Donnie's Retro Game Closet. All of that is coming soon. (Hopefully!)

Now is a great time to grow with us. BOOKMARK us now, or you can even SUBSCRIBE to this site's updates by clicking the link at the bottom right of the website. You can also click the CONTACT THE FREAKZ tab at the top of the site to send a message to Donnie Kendall, Rex Delaney, Kylee Wylde, or even (if you dare) Mr. Blood! We appreciate your questions and comments, so keep 'em coming.

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