29 March 2010

Ricky Martin Is A Gay

Ricky Martin announced today that he is, in fact, a "fortunate homosexual man", and he is "blessed" to be who he is. Today's announcement may not come as a huge shock to some. Rumors of Martin's sexuality possibly leaning more toward that of a manly preference have been going around for years. At this very moment, however, you just know that there are countless female fans taking a collective gasp, yet countless more gay male fans shaking their Bon-bons.

Ricky Martin was once in the teen singing group Menudo, and now that he is 38 years old with two children (born via surrogate), apparently feels it's time to come clean and live his life openly. Trying to live a lie for so long, and making sure you always have a beautiful lady on your arm, as to not draw any more suspicion to your sexuality must have been very difficult. Part of not coming out sooner could be because Ricky was afraid the truth would hurt his career. The question you have to ask yourself is why. Maybe because there are so many people in this world who would rather judge you, or treat you unfairly if they think you are different from them. It's very sad that even in this day and age, intolerance, bigotry, and ignorance exists. We here at Gimme Your Hand Entertainment applaud you, Rick Martin, for proudly living out loud. What we all need to realize is it is OUR life, and we should never feel that we have to live it to appease anyone. Be yourself, be proud of who you are, and NEVER let anyone take that from you.

Be Blessed,


  1. Nicely put Kylee. ;D

  2. shit! you guys had the story before CNN!! lol

  3. shit! you guys had the story before CNN!! lol