14 April 2010

Donnie Kendall's "What The Crap?!"

Ridiculous photos and (eventually) videos, that may just leave you asking, "What The CRAP?!"

"An F-5 tornado rocked the Keebler Cookie
Factory today. The elves were devastated."

"Wait 'til you see where I stuffed the cat."

The future isn't looking good for those carrots.

"Hi, I'm Chris Hanson, Dateline NBC.
Why don't you have a seat?"

I miss the old "Price Is Right" models.

"Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night stays
these whores from their appointed corners."

Say what you will, but she gives a hell of a lap dance.

Unfortunately for Kohler, their mascot, "Chester",
sold more home security systems than faucets.

Best damn crossing guard in the business. Period.

"I'll be dad-gummed if I let one of those
vampire types kiss me on the tit sucker!"

And the Mother Of The Year Award
goes to... this lazy ignorant b!tch.

"So... it's been six months. I was just wondering
when I will get to meet your parents."

"And the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover goes to... BRISTOL PALIN!"

Somewhere along the line, a Teletubby porked a Village People.

"See, it's based on the philosophy of the scarlet letter..."

Yup. He's one of us.

Damn you, Proposition 8... DAMN YOU!

Flint, Michigan stripper.

What do you think it's like to bang her?

"Mom, I want you to meet Matt, my gynecologist."

Yes, yes. They're "f***ing Goofy".
*Face palm*

Looks like he finally got that "hole in one".

Just realized the microphone made her "S.B.D." anything but Silent.

Donating to the Republican party.

Give 'em hell, Scruffy. Give 'em hell.

Captain Sanchez.

You're 26 years old. The "girls have cooties" thing isn't cute anymore.

The only person who could ever possibly relate to this dog is Katie Holmes.

DO NOT ask to see his "Battle Cat".

"Quarterback sack? I GOT it!"

Do you get the feeling Mr. Blood recently vacationed in Alston?

Things just sort of went downhill since she hooked up with the 8th Dwarf, "Stabby".

Dating on Craigslist. NOT a good idea.

Don't let them fool you. "Conservatives" are secretly kinky sex monsters.

Yup. There's an app for that.

This must be them "family values" we've been hearing about.

The NEW Bride Of Chucky, Starring Kate Beckinsale.

Good Advice.

That's right. Give 'em something to yell, "FOUL" about.

Some people just try too hard to be featured in WTC?!. Normally, we wouldn't allow sad attempts like this to be featured, but the dude sent us cake.

"Allow me to introduce our new Vice President in charge of Homeland Security Border Patrol..."

When asked for a caption for this photo, Kylee Wylde replied, "Squeals on wheels!"
Ugh. *Face palm*

Try to DISCRETELY put a choke-hold on that boner, ok fella?

"Dammit, ED! Why can't we ever have a nice picture?!"

Looks like a Rex Delaney family reunion a-brewin'.

It was very cold this day, judging by the punk's "oui oui".
(That's wee-wee for you non-French speakers.)

Submit your own What The Crap?! moment to
with the subject "WTC".

Later, turds.


  1. crazy shit on here ....... keep it coming i bookmarked you!

  2. why not just say wut teh fuck? i thought this site was unedited. its funny tho

  3. why not just say wut teh fuck? i thought this site was unedited. its funny tho