18 April 2010

Strikeforce Brawl Live On CBS

 Footage Of The Strikeforce Brawl
That Broke Out Live On CBS

Jake Shields was being interviewed after defending his Strikeforce middleweight championship against Dan Henderson on CBS, when he was interrupted by Jason "Mayhem" Miller, who asked for a rematch. Gilbert Melendez pushed Miller for interrupting the interview, then Shields and Melendez's teammates started to brawl. Nick and Nate Diaz, (both of whom are sissy-bitch whine tits as far as the guys here at GYHE are concerned), decided to attack Miller while he was down. Gus Johnson, the guy trying to give the interview was just yelling, "Gentlemen, we're on national television!" Awe. Bless his heart for tryin'. Shields apologized after the brawl.

While we can't condone Miller's actions, we will still go on the record, saying we would love to slap the shit out of the Diaz bros. Gotta love the MMA!


  1. why would you think nick diaz is a whiner? just because he runs off crying like a pussy when he loses a fight.....

  2. lolz @ nick diaz crying like a twat i remember seeing him do that shit in elite xc almost as funny as tito getting his ass spanked by couture

  3. It was probably a publicity stunt so people would be talking about that instead of ufc. I call bulls%#t.

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