10 May 2010

Betty White Kicks Ass On SNL

Betty White has been around for 88 years, entertaining the masses before the invention of television - all the way back to the days of radio. She has been a 'Golden Girl', a snooty daughter on 'Mama's Family', a fixture on early television game shows, the list goes on and on. And now, thanks to a petition on Facebook, she can add host of Saturday Night Live to that list.

Ms. White seemed to knock it out of the park in her widely anticipated appearance on the show. With her double entendres and classic comedic timing, she helped SNL receive an 8.8 Nielsen rating - their highest in 18 months. That's nothing to "Shake a stick at".

There's even a rumor that Betty White will host an upcoming episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw. While that hasn't been confirmed by WWE sources as of yet, the thought of a Betty White-powered ratings boost has to sound sweet to the wrestling giant. The WWE hasn't seen ratings in the 8.0 range since the Attitude Era back in the late 1990's.

Betty White's SNL Monologue:

Betty White's Muffin:

Thank you, Ms. White. At 88 1/2 years old, you still kick ass!


  1. Oh my fucking god. If this was any funnier I think I might have died.