12 November 2010

Fat Sack Of Crap Award: Bill O'Reilly

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Bill O'Reilly makes a living being a pompous ass. Here's a guy that likes to slam gays (no pun intended), and he classifies a whole religion as killers. Little Billiam also enjoys pointing out the imperfections of others while desperately trying to down-play his alleged sexual harassment scandal with a former producer of his talk show, Andrea Mackris.

Bill O'Reilly has compared homosexuals to terrorists. When a gay-friendly McDonald's ad from France made it's way to America via the internet, Bill's fat head exclaimed, "Do they have an Al-Qaeda ad? Come as you are...?" Maybe his opinion is that being gay is about as terrible as being a terrorist. He also huffed, "That ad will never run in America." Well, honestly Bill, you sound like a white dip shit from the 1950's who swore the "coloreds" would never drink from your fountain. Times are changing, prick. Get with the times, or you are going to remain as bitter and shriveled as your musty old nut sack.

Bill O'Reilly likes to classify all Muslims as terrorists, like he did on ABC Television's, 'The View'. No, Bill. No. *slaps crusty old hand* Religious Extremists were responsible for the horrific attacks on America on 9/11, not ALL Muslims. That ignorant statement is like saying ALL Christians are as narrow-minded and bigoted as you. There are bad examples in every religion. (This is where you would raise your hand and say "I", Bill.)

Why is it, Bill, that you are so free to trash everyone else that may feel, act, or be different from you? Yet in 2004, after a multimillion dollar* settlement in a sexual harassment case filed by your former television producer, Andrea Mackris, you said you would never speak of the incident again. Why can't we talk about it, Bill? Why can't we say you are a sex-crazed monster who makes inappropriate phone calls, and wants to ravage your female coworkers with fat rubber dongs? Yes, just the thought of it probably has Bill reaching for a 64 ounce bottle of Gatorade and a tub of Crisco. But see, we have no proof of that, we only have allegations. So saying that would be wrong, yet it's ok for Bill O'Reilly to make stuff up about other cultures and lifestyles, and report it as news? Huh. Amazing how that works.

So, Bill O'Reilly, we here at Gimme Your Hand Entertainment proudly present to you the Fat Sack Of Crap Award! But that's only because we didn't want to offend our readers by calling you what we really think of you... a lame-ass, piece of shit CUNT.

Good Day, sir.

-ENTIRE Gimme Your Hand Staff

Here's that McDonald's ad, followed by some videos of Bill O'Reilly being a dumb ass.

*Reported by The New York Daily News among other sources.


  1. I don't always agree with his views but in America you can say what you want. =-)