24 October 2010

Undertaker Confronts Brock Lesnar At UFC 121

Last night's UFC 121 pay-per-view was interesting to say the least. What has the world buzzing the day after the event? First off, Brock Lesnar was destroyed by Cain Velasquez in the first round. Brock seems to be "playing the heel" in his interviews, reminiscent of his days as a WWE Superstar. The problem here is, when you tell a Mexican warrior like Velasquez you are going to defeat him, then "drink a Corona and eat a burrito" outside the realm of sports entertainment, he may just legitimately beat your ass. (Not that I'm saying UFC is 100% legit. Some of the fights look a little hokey to me, but that's another story.)

Another confrontation that has people talking is the one between Brock Lesnar and WWE's Undertaker. The Undertaker was being interviewed after the bout as Brock walked by. Undertaker asked Brock, "Are you going to do it?" Brock hesitated for a moment, then kept walking without saying a word.

Some may speculate that WWE is trying to set up a match between Lesnar and "The Dead Man" for an upcoming Wrestlemania. If you ask me, this looked like an angle, but a nicely done angle. People are talking, and it will be interesting to see where this goes. As a WWE fan, it is an exciting thought to have Brock return, because, honestly, WWE has become an unwatchable joke to many. With very few exceptions, the story lines are lame, and the product is watered down and pathetic compared to the Attitude Era. This may just be the jolt that pumps new life, and hopefully, a new direction into the WWE. As a UFC fan, however, UFC really doesn't have much to gain by doing business in this way with pro wrestling. UFC doesn't need WWE to be a strong presence in the world, or to continue to grow. Why associate yourself with a promotion that admits it is not legitimate competition? That may just be a turn off to all the die hard fans that have moved on from intelligence-insulting programming such as the current WWE product.

The following videos show the confrontation between Lesnar and Undertaker, and the reaction from UFC President, Dana White. Draw your own conclusions.



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