15 March 2012

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With The Freakz!

The Gimme Your Hand Freakz want to party with YOU on St. Patrick's day! That's right, Donnie Kendall, Viral Jay, Kylee Wylde, Rex Delaney, and maybe even Mr. Blood will be showing up at random bars and pubs throughout the Midwestern United States to buy drinks for all of our loyal GimmeYourHand.com visitors. So if you run into one of the freakz on St. Patrick's Day, just mention GimmeYourHand.com and we will hook you up with an adult beverage of your choice. We will not say exactly where we will be, but we will say the locations will be somewhere in Angola, Indiana, Chicago Illinois, and Flint Michigan. We can't wait for you to PIG out and paint the town VELVET with the Gimme Your Hand ALLSTARS! (That last sentence was full of clues, folks!)

Have a safe and Happy St. Patty's day!


P.S. Look for the sweet-ass green cowboy hats!


  1. Hope to run into you somewhere out there.