14 June 2012

Major Changes Coming To GimmeYourHand.com

A few months back, we asked GimmeYourHand.com visitors to vote on which "Freak", or staff member, they want to see fired. Staff veterans Rex Delaney and Kylee Wylde along with Mr. Blood and new comer Viral Jay left their fate in your hands. Donnie even threw himself into the mix. The visitors have spoken, and based on the voting results, there will be some changes.

The changes to the site will roll out over the next few months. We already have a new look and a redesigned logo. Expect to see more visual changes, more interactive content, new features, and existing features to be revamped. We will also be holding open casting calls within the coming months. So polish up the camera and get ready to prove you are a star.

Now as far as the Freakz are concerned... yours truly, Donnie Kendall, will still be the guy calling the shots. Viral Jay and Donnie Kendall are the two main Freakz on staff. Rex Delaney and Kylee Wylde are no longer full time staff members, but have agreed to remain part-time contributors for the time being. Mr. Blood is no longer a full-time staff member, but will be a major part of the new GimmeYourHand.com in the near future. We also have a couple of up-and-coming interns eager to wow a world-wide audience.

Stay tuned. There's a lot of sweet stuff coming your way. If you have any questions or suggestions, let 'em rip by emailing any one of the past or present Freakz HERE.

Thanks for visiting with us. Come back soon.


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