31 August 2012

My EX!

Well, today was a good day. Work went by fast (I love those days), and my brother and I stopped by my place to work out for the first time in years together. After we were done, I walked him out to his car and it started raining. I love the rain. I just stood in it for a while and cooled down. It's such a euphoric feeling - as if God himself was giving me a beautiful gift that I couldn't afford on my own.

I came back inside, showered off, sat down at my computer all achy (good achy) ... and as the rain falls outside right now, I'm reminded of my ex-girlfriend. I'm not going to mention her name just in case she's reading this, but I'm sure she'll figure out I'm talking about her anyway. We used to walk in the rain together, her and I. We lived near a movie theater, and we would always walk there, even in thunderstorms, to watch the most ridiculous movies ever. She would cover my eyes and ask me, "OK, what color earrings am I wearing?" I could always tell her. I noticed her...even the little things about her, and I don't think she was used to that. Of course, she did the same for me.

One time, we were walking home from the theater in the pouring rain, and a couple of guys we walked past started saying things about her.  They kept shouting about what kind of things they would like to do to her, and so on. I was furious!  I  tend to be protective of the ones I love; family, friends... GIRLFRIEND! So I stopped to shut them up (or at least give it my best shot). She told me "Don't even think about it. I can handle this." I told her I would be right back, and again she told me no. Then with a smile she said, "You think a girl can't handle herself? Trust me, ok?" Then she walked over to the guys.

I just started pacing back and forth, thinking if they touch her, I'm going to jail for a long time. I glanced over after I heard a little scream, and I SWEAR TO YOU, she was swinging both of them around by their collars! They went flying, one of them landed on the ground, and I couldn't make out what they said, or what she said for that matter, but I could just feel I had a HUGE smile on my face!

My little She-Hulk walked back up to me and said, "Ok. You ready?" And we resumed walking in the rain. Her makeup was running, her hair was all down around her face, and before I could ask her what happened, she jumped on my back and covered my eyes. "What color earrings am I wearing?"

Article By Random Nice Guy

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