26 June 2014

Julio Has Arrived!

Hey everyone! Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Julio Gigglefitz (short for Gigglefitzgerald), and I'm the newest Gimme Your Hand Intern! I've been assigned the title: "Social Media Ambassador For Gimme Your Hand Entertainment". I have no clue what that means, but I started a Facebook page so I can keep you up to date on the latest GYHE news, articles, and behind the scenes stuff! You can also check out my personal photos (I'll try to sneak in some candid pics of the staff, too).

Maybe you're thinking, "If a website has the capability to 'jump the shark', GimmeYourHand.com has certainly done it with this Gigglefitz mumbo-jumbo." And you'd be right! But why not have some fun with me anyway?

"Follow" me. "Like" me. "Share" me. And don't be too shy to say hello!


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