23 March 2021


  The past few years has brought on several changes to the world, to say the least. A raging pandemic, civil unrest overflowing into the streets, hate and intolerance that has not only infected those around us, but became a social norm. That is not okay with me. It should not be okay or acceptable to anyone.

When I created Gimme Your Hand Entertainment in the early 1990s, it was all about my friends, family and myself having fun and trying to make the world a better place though laughter and goofiness. In 2009, I launched GimmeYourHand.com, and tried to make it a "grown-up" place for rebels who didn't want to be censored elsewhere on the internet. Of course, my bad boy act was just that; an act that was meant to entertain people. At the time, being a bad boy with an attitude was a fun novelty. Unfortunately, the current state of the world has become overrun with toxic attitudes that are not meant for entertainment, but for tearing one another down. I won't be a party to that, not even in jest.

2022 brings hope, and hopefully change for the better. A focus on the wellbeing of children needs to be a priority. The world could really use the kindness and inspiration of Jim Henson and Mister Rogers right now. We need to embrace our differences rather than using them as an excuse to separate us. Our beauty is found in our uniqueness. With kindness, laughter and inclusion as my goal, 2022 will mark a rebranding of Gimme Your Hand Entertainment.

This company will get back to what it was meant to be, a goofy group of people making each other laugh without being cruel, and a place where everyone is WELCOME. Children, adults, followers of any faith or lack thereof, every race, ethnicity, every gender or gender identity, any sexual orientation, any political affiliation - everyone will be welcome here.

This rebranding will take some time, but I have already started behind the scenes. I am excited for this change, and I hope you will enjoy what is in store. 



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