12 January 2010

Donnie Rants About MySpace

Donnie Kendall,Gimme Your Hand Entertainment,gimmeyourhand.com,rant

Alright, Donnie is venturing outside his isolated Straight Shootin' pages to make a rare appearance on the GimmeYourHand.com main site. Why? Well, because he decided to rant about MySpace. And if Rex Delaney can spit forth a WWE rant filled with rage, wang swingin' testosterone, and language that would make a sailor shout a "Hail Mary", and if Kylee Wylde can... well... what the hell did she do? Suggested we should all recycle our spoons into "cute" little kitty magnets?! Note to Kylee: grow some balls, honey. With a face like yours, Donnie's surprised you don't already have a set. Or two. Donnie's point is, he has the right to vent just like everyone else.

Here's what's up. MySpace Tom needs to gently suck a nut. That S.O.B. (or whomever he has working for him) loves to censor the crap out of Donnie. Now, when you look as good as Donnie Kendall, have the brains, talent, and impressive manhood like Donnie Kendall, you know people will be jealous and treat you unfairly. But for a social network to filter out everything Donnie tries to share, whether it be pics, videos, or even his Straight Shootin' blog, well that's jacked up. MySpace is pathetic. The name of the mother-humpin' site is "MY SPACE", yet they decide what you should and shouldn't have in YOUR space, the Commie bastards. Donnie gets threatened with account deletion for trying to upload a picture of a Dora The Explorer Aqua Pet (so what if it looks like something Jenna Jamison had lodged in her during her last "uplifting film adventure"), and the same day, some cracked-out looking broad with no clothing, or sense of self respect, offers Donnie a friend request. The whore was fully nude wanting Donnie's friendship... and man-goods. Why do whores get to show their fun bags, but Donnie gets his content deleted? Donnie's videos, pics, and even his blog have been censored by the douche-sucking butt plugs at MySpace.

Donnie's video, the same one found on this site with the old pervert-looking guy eating popcorn and shooting a squeaker, was deleted within an hour of being uploaded to MySpace. All traces of it were even removed from Donnie's feed. Yet, you can still see a picture of a man receiving oral sex that was used as a default pic for a group that one of Donnie's fans joined, even though the group was deleted. Hypocritical? One-sided? Ignorant? BULL PUCKY? Yes. Let's face it. Donnie HAD to end up at GimmeYourHand.com, because he's just too wild and offensive for MySpace and the little mama's boys running it. Does Donnie have a MySpace account? Yup. Does that make Donnie a hypocrite? Nope. It's called free publicity, sugar tits.

In closing, Donnie would like to send a special message to the folks at MySpace. Donnie tried to keep it as clean and sweet as possible, but you went ahead and screwed with him anyway. Maybe you're angry because you realize a zit on Donnie's Forbidden Fanny is still more attractive than you'll ever be. (Not that Donnie has zits on his bum. Donnie gots a sweet tooter.) Maybe you're mad because you suck at life. Whatever the case may be, Donnie hopes you get diddled with an Aqua Pet. We're talking Double Anal.

If you were offended, Donnie has done his job. Now go get bent.