23 January 2010

Kylee's Hottie Assessment

Straight out of the box, I just have to respond to the comments being flung around by fellow Gimme Your Hand Freakz Rex and Donnie. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, boys. That's the awesome thing about this website! We can say or do whatever we want!

But I have to say Rex Delaney is a huge, over-sexed perv monkey. Your behavior after spilling your drink on my top the other day was unacceptable, but I forgive you. Actually, you're kind of cute in a helpless, unpotty-trained, little runt of a puppy kind of way. And expect my dry cleaning bill in the mail, Romeo!

Donnie Kendall,Forbidden Fantasy,gimmeyourhand.com,Gimme Your Hand Entertainment

As for you Donnie, I didn't really know too much background info about you, so I Googled you and discovered you're a huge star ....in your own mind. FYI: I still think the kitty magnets are cute, and I do not have male genitalia. However, my balls are still bigger than yours. Figure that out, "honey".

And now with hopes that the infighting is over, and we can tolerate each other like any other loving, dysfunctional family that was thrown together to bring life to a website in it's infancy, I will press on with my Hottie Assessment! This is where I show a picture of a possible "Hottie" and then evaluate them with a Pass or Fail on the basis of sheer Hotness! Is this shallow or degrading? Heck yeah! Let's begin!

Kind eyes? Check. Warm smile? Check. Hair that says, "I don't have to be perfect because I'm sittin' atop a hottie"? Check.
Kylee's Assessment: HOTTIE!

Hair, face and even eyebrows of perfection. And you can never go wrong with a little peek-a-boo belly!
Kylee's Assessment: HOTTIE!

Sleepy eyes, pouty lips, shirtless and full of innuendo.
Kylee's Assessment: HOTTIE!

And now, a little something for the guys...(or girls who like the girls!)

Sure, the beach shot may be a little cliché. But look at the flawless sun-kissed body, the seductive stare, and the hair that is just begging you to run your fingers through it.
Kylee's Assessment: HOTTIE!

Carefree smile, toned, athletic body and radiating beauty.
Kylee's Assessment: HOTTIE!

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, races and backgrounds. Beauty is a state of mind, and emanates from within. We have to remember, what is considered outer beauty will fade with time. Those of us who have kindness, warmth and compassion instilled in our hearts will remain beautiful forever.

Be Blessed,


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