08 February 2010

Sarah Palin Is A "Retarded" Hypocrite

This past weekend, Sarah Palin graced the Tea Party Convention in Nashville with her slutty teacher look. She may have left the convention without shooting a moose, but she also left with people buzzing about her left hand - or at least what appeared to be notes written on it. Yes, the 'Maverick' who likes to take jabs at President Obama for his use of teleprompters seems to have been doing a little junior high-style cheating of her own. You may ask yourself, who gives a hot damn if she used notes? I couldn't agree more. It seems all politics is, is one rich bastard nit-picking at another while the country falls apart. Besides, we all benefit from taking notes to jog our memories, right? It's actually kind of sweet that writing on your body to remember important details seems to run in the Palin family. Hell, Sarah's daughter's 'baby-daddy' did the same so he wouldn't forget his name. (Luckily, his first name comes already embroidered on his wearin' britches.)

The thing that twists my tits is the fact that Sarah Palin is another spineless republican who seems all too eager to roll over and take it in the ass for that obnoxious, puffy-faced blowhard, Rush Limbaugh. A little background? Here you go: Sarah publicly called for the resignation of Obama's Chief Of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, for using the phrase "fucking retards" when referring to conservatives. Sarah has a son who was born with Down Syndrome, and took offense to Rahm's remark. I don't have any family members or friends effected with Down Syndrome, and I still find the slur offensive, just like I find the words nigger, fagot, chink and jap offensive. Those words are abusive, and used only to spread hate and ignorance. I was happy that Sarah took a stand, but then, enter Rush 'The Rich White Conservative's Answer To Oprah' Limbaugh.

When Limbaugh talked about the incident on his radio show, he referred to liberals as ...*drum-roll* ... "retards". Sarah must have been outraged that someone who represents so many conservatives would stoop to the same level as the 'evil-doing' liberals, right? RIGHT? Wrong. Palin dismissed Rush's use of the slur as "political humor and satire". What the hell am I missing here? It's ok if your buddy does it? Where did your morals and values go, Ms. Palin? Why do republicans crumble, bow to, and then piss themselves like frightened puppies at the mere thought of mighty Rush Limbaugh? Where does it state that Rush is untouchable to do and say whatever that fat prick wants without ever being held accountable, and then even praised for his inexcusable behavior?

Before the conservatives (like Gimme Your Hand's own Kylee Wylde) go crying about me just being a democrat taking jabs at the innocent, I want to tell you I am not a democrat. I am not a republican. I had this conversation with Donnie Kendall, another guy here at GYHE, and I think he said it best when he said, "I am not a republican or a democrat. I prefer to think for myself." Apparently, Rush Limbaugh thinks for the republicans who cannot think for themselves. Note to conservatives: stop bitching about everything and work towards a better America instead of kissing the ass of some cigar-chomping twat who proudly proclaimed he wants our president to fail. After all is said and done, Limbaugh is some loud-mouthed dick with a radio show, but America is our fucking home. Pull your heads out of your asses, and get your priorities straight.

I'm Rex Delaney, and I welcome your hate mail.
Thanks to Donnie for letting me steal the term "wearin' britches".


  1. Great writing, Sarah Palin is a fucking retard and I fear for America when people actually say they would vote for her.

  2. republicans r just money hungry racist fucks